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Platforum’s UK Fund Distribution series delves into how funds are being selected and distributed in the UK today. This series aims to unearth what is important to retail fund selectors in light of forces effecting change in the market – the retail distribution review (RDR) and the pension reforms being the most powerful of these in recent times.

We cover the subject from all angles, using data but most importantly in-depth insight from an array of audiences:

  • Advisers
  • Direct-to-consumer fund selectors
  • Discretionary fund managers
  • Fund-of-fund managers

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The latest guide will help you better understand:

  • Investment processes and strategies
  • Asset allocation – accumulation vs de-accumulation
  • Third party providers used


  • Income portfolios
  • Fund selection criteria such as cost assessment and performance
  • Thoughts on particular product types and fund

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“Without Platforum, the sector would be a far less informed place - the depth and quality of research just keeps getting better and is always at the cusp of what’s happening.”

Terry HuddartTechnical Communications Manager

“Having a single report that covers a broad section of the platform market that includes adviser views and comments is extremely useful to us as a platform provider.”

Alistair WilsonHead of Retail Platform Strategy

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Table of contents

1 Growth of passives
1.2 Evolution of ETFs
2 Passives, ETFs and smart beta on platforms
2.1 Passive assets on platforms
2.2 ETFs on platforms
2.3 ETFs on adviser platforms
2.4 ETFs on direct platforms
3 Impact of platform pricing
4. Routes to market
4.1 Financial advisers
4.2 Discretionary fund managers (DFMs)
4.3 Self-directed investors, the direct-to-consumer channel (D2C)
4.4 Robo-advisers
5 Customer research – advisers and investors
5.1 Financial adviser use and perception of tracker funds and ETFs
5.2 Investor use and perception of tracker funds and ETFs
6 Smart beta
7 Growth challenges for ETFs
8 Benefits of passives and ETFs
8.1 Benefits of passives
8.2 Advantages of ETFs
8.3 Perceived benefits of ETFs over funds
9 Passive Propositions
10 List of tables and figures
10.1 Tables
10.2 Figures


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