New for 2017 – Adviser Market Structure

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  • Prioritise BDM resource to reflect the size and structure of the advisory market
  • Inform business cases with an understanding of the future make-up of the advisory market
  • Develop digital tools with an understanding of the tools adviser use or want


After the Retail Distribution Review, many expected that the number of financial advisers would quickly decline.

While the banks largely exited the advice market, there remains a healthy and vibrant financial advisory community.

Platforum estimates that 81% of UK retail funds are sold to investors through financial advisers. Despite the continued importance of financial advisers to the retail investment industry, there is little data on the size, structure or future make-up of the advisory market.


A subscription to Platforum’s Adviser Market Size and Structure report gives access to the three reports in the series, delivered over the second and third quarters of 2017 including:

  • Market Size and Structure: Number of advisory firms, number of advisers per firm, assets under advice by size of firm. Quantitative data will be augmented with qualitative insights to provide a view of the structure of the advisory market in the coming two to three years.
  • Business Models

How the market size and structure is driven by the development of different business models

  • Evolution of advice propositions: Which firms will seek to move up the value chain and take on discretionary/platform permissions? Will we see a wholesale move to restricted advice?
  • Future business models: vertical integration, omni-channel advice, small and entrepreneurial, &c.
  • Evolving role of DFMs in the advisory market and trends in investment in/outsourcing
  • Consolidation: What are the drivers and barriers to consolidation?
  • Pricing: Platforum will publish average fees paid advisory firms (combining initial advice with on-going). We will also provide analysis of the ways that advisers are pricing their proposition and emerging models.
  • Digital: Platforum will undertake qualitative and quantitative research with advisers and will report the digital tools used by advisers. Platforms, fund groups and tech firms are creating tools for advisers to engage digitally with their customers and to run their businesses more efficiently. Are advisers using these tools? If so, which ones and why?

Subscribers also get access to Platforum’s team of analysts who can answer questions and offer additional background on the research findings. Subscribers are also invited to attend an analyst briefing hosted at Platforum’s offices and to online webinars. These presentations offer highlights of the research from the analysts themselves adding colour and context to the reports.

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